Mango Ripening with Ethylene Gas Generator

An ethylene generator for mango ripening is a cost-effective way to ripen mangoes organically. Learn how to use ethylene generators for the chemical-free ripening of mangoes in a ripening chamber.

Ethylene gas is a naturally occurring plant hormone that speeds up the ripening of fruits and vegetables. Ethylene generators are a cost-effective and safe way to ripen mangoes and help ripening process naturally without the need for chemical treatments. Learn what it is, how to use it to ripen mangoes in a ripening chamber, and the benefits of using this method.

Mango ripening using Ripe All Ethylene GeneratorTM

Why mango ripening with calcium carbide is unhealthy?

Mango ripening with calcium carbide is commonly used in many parts of the world, but it is not recommended. This method is unhealthy because calcium carbide comes with many health risks related to respiration, skin irritation, and other issues. Calcium carbide may be toxic to the brain, lungs, and other vital organs. It is toxic and carcinogenic, and it is especially dangerous for children. Additionally, this approach can contaminate the fruit and should be avoided as a mango ripening.

Read the news article here about carbide use in mangoes

Setting up an Ethylene generator in the ripening chamber

Make sure the crates/boxes of mangoes are efficiently stacked in the room.  Maintain a temperature of 25° C. and relative humidity of 80-90%. To maintain proper humidity level, the use of a suitable humidifier is recommended.

To begin with mango ripening process, start by setting up the generator in the ripening chamber. It should be placed at minimum height of 3 ft. from ground level. It should be placed in such a place that emitted gas easily mixes with the airflow. It’s also important to check the settings on the generator itself – you should adjust them as recommended by the manufacturer. Finally, make sure that all safety protocols for working with ethylene gas are followed.

How to operate?

  • Once the room temperature and humidity level is achieved the generator is ready to be switched on.
  • Open the generator tank cover to fill it with the ripening concentrate.
  • Now pour the ripening concentrate provided by the manufacturer in the generator tank. Use only the recommended volume as recommended by manufacturer for your room size.
  • Now, use the setting button on the generator panel to set the recommended setting to achieve an ethylene level of 100-150 PPM and allow it to run for 24 hours.
  • The actual setting will vary depending on the size of the ripening room you’re using. Check out our operating Instructions for more details.

Monitoring the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels in the ripening chamber.

The ripening process is an ongoing one, and it’s important to monitor it regularly. Check the mangoes daily, and remember- humidity levels, temperature, and other factors can affect how quickly the mangoes ripening takes place. It is important to keep the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels in control during the entire cycle. The ideal temperature for mango ripening is between 24°-26° C. Carbon dioxide levels should be kept at a minimum to avoid delayed ripening or quality issues. Ideal CO2 levels is less than 1.5%. If dampers are not installed in the ripening chamber, manual ventilation of the room is recommended every 12 hours.

Remove ripe mangoes promptly from ripening chamber

With this method, mangoes should be ready in 3-4 days depending upon the maturity levels at time of harvest. The longer a mango is left in the ripening chamber, the higher chance of it becoming over-ripened; resulting in a decrease in shelf life and quality. Ripe mangoes should be carefully inspected before removal and separate according to color, or other relevant property such as firmness or sweetness.

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