Ripe All Ethylene GeneratorsTM


Ethylene generator for fruit ripening

Fruit ripening machine for commercial ripening of banana, mango, papaya, avocado, tomato, citrus degreening etc. in a ripening chamber.
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Ripe All Ethylene Generators TM

Ripe All Ethylene GeneratorsTM smartly release ethylene gas in controlled manner for uniform ripening, best color, aroma and flavor. We are the leading provider of highquality, costeffective ethylene generators in the industry. Enabled with 4G Technology (World’s 1st and only), it keeps you updated with the ongoing gas production. It smartly senses when gassing process is over and sends notification on your mobile phone, no matter where you are. It also comes with a standby heater (World’s 1st and only) which smartly switches ON, in case primary heater fails.

How ethylene generator works?

The generator works when the ripening concentrate is poured inside the tank and turned on. Within minutes, the reaction inside causes the ethylene gas to emit via the outlet in a controlled manner. The generator is kept inside the ripening chamber so that the gas releases directly in the room. The result is better quality fruit and consumer eating experience. Ripe All Ethylene Generator is the only device which can communicate with users directly with just a sim card. This concept has been widely adored as it provides unmatched reliability and monitoring, along with the first backup heater mechanism ever created in the ripening industry.

Is ethylene gas from fruit harmful to humans?

Ethylene is not harmful to humans in the concentrations used in ripening rooms. Our banana ripening ethylene generator is completely safe to use and is permitted for commercial use in ripening chambers.

Ethylene Gas generator features-

  • 4G Enabled Technology (World’s 1st and only)
  • Real time notifications for continuous monitoring
  • CE Certified
  • Up to 35 MT fruit ripening capacity
  • 2 litre tank capacity
  • Backup Heater for more reliability
  • Powder coated rust free body.
  • User friendly
  • 18 month comprehensive warranty
  • 24 month warranty on heater and PCB

Watch the introductory video here.